Pneumatic fenders ISO 17357

Pneumatic fenders for merchant fleet should be built according to ISO 17357. This standard specifies a corresponding international standard for material and testing for these fenders. In most cases, the fenders should be surrounded by a tire and chain network as an additional protection. The fenders are also available without tire and chain network (Sling Type Fender).

We supply pneumatic fenders for a variety of applications ("ship to ship" or "ship to shore") from different manufacturers. In addition to fenders of the world leader Yokohama we can offer fenders Noreq, which are available on stock in Rotterdam.

Let us advise you which type of fender can be suitable for the application you want.

Pneumatic fenders ISO 17357 are available in many sizes up to a diameter of 4.500 mm and a length of 12,000 mm.

 Pneumatic Fender  Pneumatic Fender