SOLAS Liferafts

Wildhagen Marine-Service GmbH offers life rafts according to SOLAS and MED regulations in all dimensions.

The following categories can be distinguished with liferafts for merchant ships:

Throw-Overboard liferafts

Davit-Launched liferafts

Open Reversible Inflatable liferafts

Marine Evacuation Systems

Rettungsinsel TOB Rettungsinsel DL ORIL MES

Liferafts for merchant shipping are subject to strict regulatory requirements in terms of their design features, their equipment and annual maintenance in order to improve safe use of liferafts.

Wildhagen Marine-Service is experienced in servicing and handling of professional liferafts for over 50 years. We are dedicated to put in all our experience when advising on new purchase of liferafts and MES systems as well as for the proper servicing of such equipment.