Liferaft service


Regular and proper maintenance of liferafts is of exceptional importance to ensure reliable functioning in an emergency in order to save life during an accident at sea. That is why only manufacturer approved service suppliers may carry out the service according to the regulations of the Internationally maritime organisation (IMO).

Wildhagen Marine-Service GmbH is the authorized service station according to IMO Circ. A.761(18) and holds valid certificates of several manufacturers. Our qualified and experienced service engineers are constantly trained in manufacturer's trainings.

Liferaft service must be carried outevery 12 months in accordance with SOLAS regulations.

Service includes the following activities, already covered by the service fee:

Opening the liferaft container and check for GRP damage

Unpacking the liferaft and distress equipment

Drying of the liferaft

Inflation of the liferaft with compressed air and check for damage and wear

Pressure testing of all pressure chambers according to test report

Sample function of the pressure relief valves as well as the fireing head and inflating system

Examination of the high-pressure hose

Control (weighing) of the gas cylinder to the specified fill weight

Check the distress equipment for condition and expiry

deflating of the liferaft

Folding and packing of the liferaft

Filling in of the logcard located in the liferaft

Correct closingof the container

Checking proper markings and stickers


Additionally charged where applicable:

Transport costs pickup and redelivery

Waiting time

Additional IMO Tests: Load tests, Floor Seam test, Necessary Additional Pressure test, Gas inflation test, maintenance of the HRUs

Test of inflatable radar reflector

Review / completion or exchange of First Aid Kits (different FAK may be required acc. to flag state rules)

Certificate of re-inspection ISSETTA

Disposal costs

All spare parts, expiredor damaged  replacement parts 

Repair time

Overtime beyond our regular working hours

Cleaning and painting of the container

Refilling and hydrostatic testing of CO2 cylinders.